It Only Takes One

One problem that we as people have, is selling ourselves short when assessing the power that we all possess. Every movement, revolution, etc started with ONE person. Many of us choose not to go to the polls to vote for our elected officials because we do not believe in the power of our voice. Our lives are dictated by others because we will not stand up for what we believe.  Instead, we quietly sit down and follow directions. The Bible tells many stories of individuals who made significant impacts on our faith and history simply because they did or did not realize the difference they could make. Adam's transgression in the Garden of Eden cursed us all to have a sinful nature. Moses, along with the help of God of course, rescued over a million Jews from Egyptian bondage. Jesus served as the sacrificial Lamb of God, to redeem us all, and gave us the opportunity to choose salvation. The power that we all possess, and the impact that it can have on the lives of others is incredible. Sometimes, certain situations are necessary in order to bring out power we never knew we had. The old saying, "The most dangerous man is the one that's backed in a corner," is correct. Think about a mother who sees her child in trouble. There is no limit to the extent that she is willing to go to protect him or her.We never know our true strength until it is tested.  When we have no other choice but to fight, we see what we are really made of. It is at this point that we understand that we have the ability to make a difference. Just imagine if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr had not had the confidence in his dream. Or, what if Thomas Edison had not believed he was intelligent enough to create the light bulb? African Americans would still be treated as second class citizens, and we would all be walking around in the dark. So, the next time you feel that you alone can not make a difference remember, It Only Takes One.

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