Defeat Does Not Mean I Am Defeated

Throughout my life, I have been faced with various situations that could have easily caused me to give in and give up. I'll be the first to admit, that picking myself up off the dirt has always been easier said than done, but knowing that it was necessary for my progression has generally helped lighten the blow. In sports, losing one game doesn't mean the entire season is gone to waste. How else do you explain being able to "lose the battle but win the war?" The same concept applies to the game of life. Setbacks, roadblocks, disappointments and some flat out defeats do not happen to make you quit; they're meant to be tools of growth and maturity. We have to utilize them as learning tools and gleen valuable lessons from them. What mistakes did I make? How can I do things better? If I can do things over again, what would I change? The problem is, we allow these disappointments to pin us down for the 3 count. We give up too easily. "Well, at least I tried" is a lot easier to say  than "defeat doesn't mean I'm defeated."  But, it's all in our minds. How mentally tough are we? Even then, there are still some things we have to speak into existance by literally telling ourselves that we can overcome our situation. I know some people will think we are crazy but so what? I takes being borderline crazy to have the resilency necessary to get the most out of life. Proverbs18:21 says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." Life is not about what happens to us, it's about what we do in response to it.

How have you finally overcome an obstacle than once stood in your way?

Former U.S. Marine Anthony McDaniel lost both legs and an arm fighting for our country.