Go For What You Know

There are times in our lives when we are faced with decisions that may seem to "go against the grain" from what everyone else sees as normal or possible. These are the times that define us and solidify what we truly believe and stand for. I've learned that life is about growing and maturing, which may give us new "eyes" for certain things that we've seen differently in the past. But, our core principles should not change even with this growth. I am still the same person who has always placed my faith in God to open doors of opportunities for me, but now I realize that He is much more than that. I now see selfishness in only wanting the gifts without accepting the Giver. Going for what you know isn't always the easiest thing to do, especially when the people closest to you don't agree. Sometimes they will even go to extreme measures to discourage your efforts. Even our closest friends and family are jealous of our growth and fight hard to not be left in their misery without company. But, we must stick to our guns and do what we know is right. In 1 Samuel chapter 14, Jonathan's faith in God led him to take only his armor bearer with him into battle against the Philistine camp of about 20 soldiers. After receiving confirmation from God that it was okay to attack, (1 Samuel 14:8-11)  Jonathan and his armor bearer headed towards the enemy camp to fight. God honored Jonathan's faith and caused the Philistines to begin fighting and killing themselves! Upon hearing the commotion, his father Saul became enraged that someone had attacked the enemy without his consent and sought to know who had done such a thing. After learning that it was his very own son, Jonathan, Saul commanded the priest to stop praying for him! (1 Samuel 14:19) Our history on Saul tells us that he was a very jealous man. He was jealous of the Israel's faith in David, Jonathan's friendship with David, and his own son's faith in God. This goes to show that even your closest of kin can be the culprit that is trying to bring you  down. Regardless of what anyone says, we must do what we know God has laid on our hearts to do. Go For What You Know.